Friday, March 27, 2015

Mile High Loving

With friends at Second Home Kitchen + Bar for Brunch
We have been in Denver for three months and are settling well into our home in Cherry Creek. We love this city and everything it has to offer. The lifestyle here is unequal to anywhere else I have lived and that list includes some of the best cities in the world! Nothing beats the mix of city life and year round outdoor activities. The options for dining and nightlife are endless and every area of the city has its own vibe. Here are a list of some early favorites for restaurants and cafes in no particular order.
1. Second Home Kitchen + Bar
We have been to this hip Cherry Creek spot about four times in two weeks. We have done brunch, dinner and drinks at the bar. The menu is all about good home cooking fare and is excellent! Some must haves are the Chicken + Waffle, Colorado Lamb Meatballs, Cheese and Charcuterie and Second Home Burger. 150 Clayton Lane, Denver 80206
2. TAG
This Larimer street restaurant is one of the first that we went to when we were deciding whether to move to Denver. The amazing atmosphere, incredible staff and scrumptious food probably sped up our decision! This place has some of the best food I have ever tasted anywhere in the world. 1441 Larimer Street, Denver 80202
3. Cru Wine Bar
Just across the street from TAG is Cru Wine Bar, one of our repeats. It is a perfect spot for a sexy date. We always have dinner by the bar and start with the most delectable Goat Cheese Beignet followed by the Filet Mignon. 1442 Larimer Street, Denver 80202
4. Old Major
I am from Saint Lucia where we eat pig's tail and feet so when I heard that this Highland restaurant had a nose to tail butchery program, I was sold. Their small and precise menu will never disappoint. I had the Nose to Tail plate with meatballs, braised belly, smoked rib, crispy ears and polenta. I know, I'm salivating as well as I write this! Huge shout out to their excellent staff as well. 3316 Tejon St, Denver 80211
5. Starbucks Cherry Creek
This may seem like an odd choice to round off my five favorites but this is the best Starbucks I have been to on the planet. It's just so comfy with sofas around a fireplace outside and the baristas are amazing. One of the baristas, Jacob, shared his special concoction with us and that is all I have been drinking. It's a toffee nut upside down caramel macchiato, hold the vanilla. Seriously, its extremely good. 200 Fillmore Street, Denver 80206

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